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    About Us
    Van xuan is maker of die-mold, cutting tools and special tools

    Van xuan - Your real confident Partner on mechanical production in Vietnam.


     From 2005, Van xuan was particular Company, specialized design, making die mold and tools for accurate instruments and equipments:


     -  Hot forging die-mold - hot punching die-mold - cold forming die-mold for hot forging  technology, example: die-mold for bridge fork bottom sozai of motor, die-mold for connecting-rod of motor engine, die-mold for hand tools, die-mold for garden tools, die-mold for surgical tools.

     - Profile punching die-mold, piecing die-mold, bending die-mold, steel rolling die-mold, steel pulling die-mold, set of piecing die-mold - punching die-mold - bending die-mold - pressing die-mold - folding die-mold, example: die-mold for computer case, die-mold for cabinet - bookshelf.

     - Forming die-mold, example: die-mold for basin, die-mold for tea tray, die-mold for pots, die-mold for roasting cook.

     - Pressure casting die-mold, die-mold for casting form, epoxy casting die-mold, aluminum casting die-mold, zinc casting die-mold, lead casting die-mold.

     - Plastic injection molds, plastic blowing die-mold, rubber pressing die-mold, plastic absorbing die-mold for tool's packing.

     - Solid Endmill, Drill, Reamer, profile cutter
     - Processing, testing jigs
     - Other special mechanical instruments


    Van xuan is Member of MEINFA joint stock Company - who has been established in 1975, and has specialized production at medical instruments and equipments. That advantage help us great practical experience at making die-mold and tools  for accurate instruments and equipments.


    Our utmost effort for making special products at stable quality, reasonable price, customer's satisfaction, all that make us became and was at top of makers on die-mold and tools in Vietnam.


    With advanced equipments, reasonable production system allow us deliver products very quikly and in competition for customer's satisfaction.

    Meet the ISO9001-2015 quality standards help us create optimal methods for reseach, development and improvement on fake rolex production. That support us to manufacture the best quality products for customer. Plus longer warranty, all that bring to customer  the higher satisfaction.

    Our guideline is 
    Quality  for  Productivity  and  for  Life