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    Quality and reliability

      Van Xuan achieved and maintaining the management system of ISO9001-2000 quality standard.

      Van xuan is always striving for a leading company in quality with the motto: Quality for productivity and for life.

      Van Xuan, who has become a reliable company for customer's manufacturing process by providing to customers useful lasting products without disabilities. Now many Van xuan customers have confidence in quality of products that Van xuan provided, and they are considered that Van Xuan is supplier at first top of priority.

      To ensure the quality of the final product, the first step must be right and the next step must be controlled closely. Base that guideline, Van Xuan always work follow procedure: Check from the preparation steps - Control closely process - and test the final product.

         Instruments and equipments for testing.


    1) CMM Carl Zeiss: 1200 x 1000 x 600mm

    2) Optical Measuring Machine: tag heuer replica show numerical, the accuracy 0.001mm

    3) Digital measuring 3D surface: show numerical

    4) Hardness measurement machines: Show numerical

    5) Measure of length: Show numerical

    6) Measure for in hole testing.

    7) Panme for in and out test.

    8) Surface test Mitutoyo SJ - 210